Our own patented technology

Energy from Water

Where does the energy come from? We have a contention but there is work to do to before publication.

We have taken a black box approach to the energy created building a new history of performance based on testing and observation. This has culminated in a series of tests run at our own facility showing performances under different pressures and water flow rates. An example of these tests is shown below.
This graph shows how we have continued to increase performance of the Energy Cell from below 2 at the time of our independent verification to consistently above 5 in 2023.
  • Some of the key steps have been:-
  • Understanding the importance of the parameters creating a new electrode design.
  • Redesigning and installing a more efficient high voltage system.
2.     This graph shows the consistency of the performance across a series of tests in January and February.

This culminated in five separate witnessed trial runs on 31st Jan / 1st Feb and 6th Feb
3.     The chart shows the specific inputs and outputs of one of our trial and demonstrations on 1st Feb.

The results are consistently above a Coefficient of Performance of 7.

Other key features - 14 g / sec of water produced 50 kW - th output.

Pressure was held at 20 bar.

Conclusions and work to do

The energy produced can be manipulated under pressure to be output into other systems between 130 to 300C.

A demonstration was successfully made of the use of the output energy to heat a domestic 70 Litre hot water boiler. This was achieved in 30 minutes.

Using the heat at higher pressures will increase temperature and utility. Further work and patents will follow on the heat recovery system.

We believe that the energy may be created through the release of photoluminescence light during a series of microscopic effects in the hydrogen and oxygen elements in water under pressure in plasma. The release of energy is constrained by certain conditions in the process which causes it to release as light rather than wave energy.

This is amplified by the change of state – liquid to gas to plasma which occurs in microscopic bubbles. We have plenty of physical evidence to make for this contention – spectroscopy of the elements released – speed of heat formation in the outer steel casing of the energycell wall (happens too quickly for it to be anything other than light) – complete absence of any emissions and published papers on the effect of photoluminescence in different fields of study. BUT this needs further scientific work.

We will work with the University of Brighton to create a series of experiments to measure the plasma using a camera at 4 million frames per second the exact frequency of light flashes in the plasma to examine the energy creation. Work is planned to capture the quantum state (isomer count) of the water post process and measure the exact change to isomer spin to see if our contention that the release of energy is coming from a change in para and ortho isomer spins is correct.

This is some of the exciting work ahead of us.

A patented and independently validated process

Our technology has been developed to unleash this energy.  A prototype has been built and the results independently verified in the UK. The process has been patented and includes a system which changes the state of water from liquid to plasma under stable pressure. It requires energy in the form of electricity to create the plasma BUT the energy out in the form of high temperature steam can generate more electricity than is used in the process. In order to protect the intellectual property and to give confidence to potential investors in the company, EnergyNetiQ now renamed biaco™ applied for a patent for the process in early 2021 and this has now been granted (March 7th 2023).