Research &

We have our own facility in West Sussex where we have conducted trials and started to design commercial prototypes.

We are a research-led organisation.
We believe that our research must lead to commercial benefits.
We are working on 4 focused thrusts.


Continue the Improvement of the Energy Cell

2023 Plans A new cell has been manufactured to increase reliability and ease of testing / observation.
A HV unit has been designed and purchased and is now ready for installation. This will reduce losses by approximately 30%. Testing will commence following funding.


Scientific partnership with Universities

Further work with our chosen Universities / Catapults / Tech Institutes will include:-
High speed image capture of the plasma. UoB
Further work on Spectroscopy of the elements in the plasma.
A programme of trials and demonstrations of the capture of the heat into useful energy creating both heat/cold and electrical energy.
Performance running over longer time periods.


IPR - continue work in Patenting and Trademarks

IPR - Patent is filed and was granted in 2023.
Extension to Territories across Europe, USA and Asia.
Second level of protection through Technology Area extensions.
Third level of protection through patent(s) in Applications.
TradeMarks for Energy Cell / Domestic and Industrial Heat Devices.


Commercial Prototypes

First demonstration models of:-

Hot water boiler.

Decarbonising Heat System for biogas capture.

CHP generation system.

It starts from the beginning

From the very start where the first cell "ALBOURN 201" was explored and built, our research will continue to be the foundation to our success.
During the time in history from the start of the industrial revolution to the now of renewable and sustainable energy, research, development and progression of technology is the cornerstone for our world to enhance its quality and caring for our planet.

Pre Industrial World

Population growth and ignorance drives large increase in fossil fuel usage : -

Start of the Coal Age

Twentieth Century

Oil Boom
Nuclear Failure
Leads to more Oil Exploitation

Post Iran Crisis Asian Tiger Boom

Growth and price drives world out of control - increase in Coal Gas, and Oil Shale.

Start of renewable industry

The Now

UN Goals and COP
Publis pressure
Action plans

Test Results

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