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biaco has developed and trialled its Energy Cell which produces high temperature steam with a productivity that produces thermal energy at five times the level of the  input power used.


biaco Limited is a SME company registered in the UK.
Our Energy Cell has the ability to change how we can produce true carbon neutral energy.
Prior to 31st March 2023 biaco was known as EnergyNetiQ Limited

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Capital is at risk

"We can do it, It's within our power to do it, we can do it, we must do it"


Sir David Attenborough


Our Energy Cell is capable of producing low carbon energy at low cost to provide solutions where the world is struggling to achieve headway on the race to zero. We can speed up progress in many important sectors.


Assisting to produce zero carbon hydrogen.


Providing heat for capture of waste gases, heating glasshouses and power systems for agricultural machinery and vehicles.


Our Energy Cell will be able to replace fossil fuel and assist the efficiency of electrical boilers.


Ability to provide power to remote bases, vehicles and other power sources.


Our tech will have the ability to power up data centres and high computer power users, such as Quantum computing


The Energy Cell would have the ability to be used as a range extender or even as the main energy system.

Challenges & Responses

biaco has multiple solutions for todays problems.

Marine Propulsion


Changing the conversation on Shipping and its carbon footprint.

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Domestic & Commercial Boilers

Commercial & Domestic Heating

Ability to replace commercial and domestic boiler

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Decarbonising Heat

Desalination | Sewage works | Heat & Cooling

Helping the world deal with fugitive emissions.

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Our Research

Our research has been completed in our own facility in West Sussex with the active participation (unfunded) of friendly partners and interested engineers/scientists. As we move forward we will use Knowledge Transfer Partnerships or funded internships /MBAs to develop the science through carefully selected programmes.

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