Helping us to overcome the World's energy crisis.Join us to help us develop our Energy Cell to its full potential.

We have teamed up with SEEDRS as our crowd funding partner and supported by UK.GOV through Innovate UK.
We decided to start a crowd‐funding round with Seedrs which went to Private Investors on the 2nd November 2022. From here we will direct our response to questions and will continually update the FAQ section as much as time allows. Bear with us as we will need to update this every day or so,

To whet the appetite, here is a link to a full video which we have made as part of our fundraising campaign.

Information for international investors and partners.
SEEDRS are only licensed for the UK and parts of Europe, so please click on the button below for international investors.


EnergyNetiQ Video Please Click on the Screen Below

Why I am involved - Rupert Fraser

Demo - Professor Atkins

Q&A with Nick Orchard ( Ex Rolls Royce ) - Investor

Q&A with Andy Hilton - Investor




Approx value


per share

We are targeting a public raise of at least £500,000, which will enable us to take our exciting new technology through a series of tests and development leading to the start of prototyping. We are raising money at £2 a share, which equates to a valuation of approximately £24 million. So far we have pledged funds of over £400,000. The task is to get these pledged funds into cash and also to attract further funds. We are also happy to announce that we have been awarded a small matching UK Government Innovate grant of £47k to help us build our first domestic heating prototype. Please check our news section for regular progress reports.

The opportunity is there for you to join this round of fundraising privately – which effectively gives you a first bite at this opportunity – or, if you prefer, to wait for the “formal” launch and subscribe through Seedrs (in which case we strongly recommend that you pre‐register with them).

Please let us know as soon as you can, if you wish to invest privately. We have decided to start a crowd‐funding round with Seedrs on the 31st October 2022.

Please contact if you want more details.

Thank you.