Commercial & Domestic Heating

In the UK, stated policy requires the replacement of millions of gas boilers by 2025 and full replacement of fossil fuel based systems by 2030. This is not feasible with current technology. The main alternative to gas is electricity and is too expensive and will cause significant fuel poverty. It will also be difficult to implement because there is not enough power in the grid to sustain the change.

Our Energy Cell produces heat at 200℃ to 300℃. With currently tested output it will enable electricity to produce three times more heat than a current electric solution at the same cost. The heat can be taken directly into an existing heating system and used with current piping and radiators. We are designing the cell to fit into the current space used by existing boilers. We hope to help the UK meet its commitements on reducing the carbon footprint of UK residences.

We have applied for a small fast start grant from Innovate UK and will be working with collaborative partners in this area.

Challenges & Responses

EnergyNetiQ has multiple solutions for todays problems.

Marine Propulsion


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Domestic & Commercial Boilers

Commercial & Domestic Heating

Ability to replace commercial and domestic boiler

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Decarbonising Heat

Desalination | Sewage works | Heat & Cooling

Helping the world deal with fugitive emissions.

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