Desalination | Sewage works | Heat & Cooling

In the UK and throughout the world the need for low cost heat in remote locations to deal with fugitive emissions of waste matter is becoming increasingly urgent. The current cost of energy makes existing schemes uneconomic for agriculture and sewage companies. In agriculture methane emissions urgently need to be captured and reused rather than allowing wholesale leakage into the atmosphere. Methane is 20 times more damaging to the environment than carbon release.

Our most simple Energy Cell can amplify the utility of existing third party systems by three times - reducing the headline cost of power. As we develop we will deliver systems that can act without mainstream electrical connection.

Current pyrolisation schemes are becoming uneconomic with energy cost increase. Our Energy Cell can also aid companies re-invigorate these projects.

Challenges & Responses

EnergyNetiQ has multiple solutions for todays problems.

Marine Propulsion


Changing the conversation on Shipping and its carbon footprint.

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Domestic & Commercial Boilers

Commercial & Domestic Heating

Ability to replace commercial and domestic boiler

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Decarbonising Heat

Desalination | Sewage works | Heat & Cooling

Helping the world deal with fugitive emissions.

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