Question & Answers

Updated 3 April 2023

How and where did the technology arise ?

Prof Atkins ? Why and how did you get involved ?

How can you create more energy out than in ? Does that not break the law of thermodynamics?

Is this just a Heat Pump ?

So where is the energy coming from?

So what is happening? How can the delta of output be greater than the 1 unit of electricity input ?

How will you increase the efficiency from 3.5 to 5. ?

The Independent Verification was done by who ?

Hopefully the input energy needed for the process is small compared to the energy produced?

Is this a nuclear energy (such as clean fusion) ?

Why is the normal state circa 70% ortho? In what circumstances does the normal state vary from 70% ortho?

So what were the results? And why are they so exciting?

How much water does this use and how quickly does it refresh the energy ?

What may be the side-effects of putting super-heated water back out into the environment?

How much damage is done to the water ? Where does the water go ?

Does it matter if the water source is fresh or salt water?

How much water does it use ?

How have you protected the IPR ?

Are there other patents owned by other people ?

You have a grandfather patent ? What does this mean ?

Are there any sizeable competitors developing similar technologies i.e. water based?

And how will you commercialise this? – and is there a Business Plan?

How will partnerships work ?

What is your projected timescale for commercialisation?

What's the operational plan ?

You are raising £0.5 million. Is that enough ?

What are the main upscaling difficulties? Can this be built at a size to run a power plant?

What progress has been made on funding ?

How is the tech used for cooling?

Aside from funding, what is the one thing that you'd like to happen that would propel you ahead in a major way?

Lets hear from some Investors.

Can the company apply for government grants?

And if I put money in how can I realise my investment?

Does investment attract EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) tax relief?