WED 9th 12.00 GMT : WEBINAR

November 7, 2022

Our first Technical Webinar Q and A features Professor Andy Atkins.

We have posted here the questions that we are covering so far. The answers will be posted here following the webinar on Wednesday. If you have further questions before close of play Tuesday 8th then we will be happy to take them. Just email me -

Question Topics

Why and how did you get involved ?

How can you create more energy out than in ?

Does that not break the law of thermodynamics?

So what is happening 3.5 > 1 ? How will you increase the efficiency from 3.5 to 5. ?

How much water does it use ?

How much damage is done to the water ? Where does the water go ?

Is this a nuclear energy (such as clean fusion) ?

The Independent Verification was done by who ?

Is this just a Heat Pump ?

Why hasn't this been published or peer reviewed ?


You have a grandfather patent ? What does this mean ?

Why has the patent not been granted yet ?

Are there other patents owned by other people ?

How will you protect this technology from other people ?


As a Scientist what do you see as the main uses for this technology ?
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Latest News

Jan and Feb Tests

We had a very successful two days of testing and demonstrations to Investors and Partners at the end of January and the beginning of February. 

Seedrs Update

We have been formally notified by Seedrs that they will not complete the fundraising and will tomorrow return the monies held to private individuals.

WED 9th 12.00 GMT : WEBINAR

Our first Technical Webinar Q and A features Professor Andy Atkins.

Energy Cell Rig Upgrade

Update on New System : Wired and Plumbed 22nd November

Climate Change Forum

EnergyNetiQ was featured at the CC Forum in London Oct 18th / 19th.

Crowd Funding

Look out for some interesting news on Crowd Funding later in Oct 2022

Innovate UK

We have been advised that we have won a small grant from Innovate UK to help us build our Domestic Heating System. Congratulations to all the team. 

Innovate UK Funding

EnergyNetiQ has applied for some fast start funding from Innovate UK.

Website Launch

We have launched our website. The site will have all the information that you require to understand our technology


Patent Application First Filed February 2021 Application confirmed February 2022. Published September 2022.

Test History

You can view the Test History by asking for a password.

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Images throughout the years

News Archive 2019

New energy cell demonstrated to Investors December 13th 2019

Interview(s) with Board Members and Investors.

Prior to the Webinar on the 14th July 2022 some interviews were pre-recorded to help prepare for the website launch.

Test Report

Independent Report by Professor Robert Morgan