Innovate UK Funding

July 27, 2022

EnergyNetiQ has applied for some fast start funding from Innovate UK.

The aim of project is to use our energy cell as a working domestic boiler usable in the UK home. This will use a third of the power of an existing electric home boiler.

The idea : To use our Energy Cell to produce a low carbon solution for the UK domestic heating market.

Energy in homes accounts for 15% of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. At present the Government has identified a switch from fossil fuel boilers to heat pumps to help meet this challenge. It anticipates requiring 600,000 heat pumps by 2028. Heat pumps however have many inherent problems. This was shown in the recent review of evidence (April 2021) by the House of Commons on the domestic heat challenge. They are bulky, require large space and are expensive due to the requirements for additional radiators and a holding water tank. Heat Pumps produce heat at 50°C which is difficult to distribute effectively. In cold weather their efficiency is reduced. In many cases they may require planning permission to be installed. The cost of domestic conversion to low carbon sees a headline figure of £16,000 if heat pumps were to be used. The capital cost of this conversion is estimated at £40 - £80 billion over thirty years.

EnergyNetiQ's system creates low carbon heat for use in homes. Progress so far has been focused on designing and safeguarding the IPR and successfully independently validating the system. A domestic heating unit using the Energy Cell can be retrofitted into homes without expensive changes to layout. The system will fit into a standard 600 mm utility space. The high quality of heat produced avoids new plumbing or extra water tanks. As most boiler replacements are distress purchases triggered by failure of the existing appliance, a retrofit solution is much more attractiveto the customer than a solution requiring a whole new heating system.

The price of the Energy Cell system installed will be comparable to the lowest priced Heat Pump (£6 to £12k) and running cost well below that of heat pumps. With further development, both boiler price and operating costs will reduce.

Extensive work to date has been on development and proof of technology including a feasibility study and Business Plan. EnergyNetiQ has assembled the resources, team and plan to develop the product to full commercialisation.

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Innovate UK

We have been advised that we have won a small grant from Innovate UK to help us build our Domestic Heating System. Congratulations to all the team. 

Innovate UK Funding

EnergyNetiQ has applied for some fast start funding from Innovate UK.

Website Launch

We have launched our website. The site will have all the information that you require to understand our technology


Patent Application First Filed February 2021 Application confirmed February 2022. Published September 2022.

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