International Investors.The opportunity to invest into a UK energy technology.

* Our Energy Cell uses and produces no carbon
* It produces three times as much heat output as electricity input
* Our team is highly experienced in engineering and energy
* We could help decarbonise most commercial energy markets

Type : Equity
Valuation  (pre-money) : 24.6M
Equity offered : 2.10%
Share Price : £2
Tax Relief : EIS

EnergyNetiQ’s zero-carbon Energy Cell, developed over the last 3 years, has been shown to be able to release more energy (as heat) than was added to the water (as electricity).

The cell, which uses only tap water and an electric charge, has shown internally an in/out ratio of over 3 times energy output from 1 energy input*. We believe that by eliminating inefficiencies, it should be possible to increase ratio to over 5x in the next 6–12 months.

EnergyNetiQ has an initial patent pending and plans to file more. The technology has also been independently verified by a university professor with well-established expertise in the field – who measured a ratio of up to 1.8x in December 2020, after seeing the unit’s insulation removed.*

The prototype has a small footprint which can deliver high-temperature and high-pressure steam output. This could lead to applications across almost all energy sectors – including transport, housing, commercial heat, cooling and electricity generation.*based on internal tests performed by EnergyNetiQ

Monetisation strategy

The system aims to produce heat and cold at high pressures for systems operating in major markets, initially in the UK. We have started the process of introducing the system to mainstream manufacturers and energy suppliers. There is a need for solutions to help the UK (and other countries) decarbonise heat, cooling and transport across the domestic and industrial markets.

The earliest sources of revenue for the Company are expected to be:

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Approx value


per share

Welcome to our International page for High Net Worth Overseas Investors.

We are targeting a public raise in the UK up-to £2,000,000 which will enable us to take our exciting new technology through a series of tests and development leading to the start of prototyping. We are raising money at £2 a share, which equates to a valuation of approximately £24 million. So far we have pledged funds of over £600,000. We are also happy to announce that we have been awarded a small matching UK Government Innovate grant of £47k to help us build our first domestic heating prototype. Please check our news section for regular progress reports.

The opportunity is there for you as an INTERNATIONAL INVESTOR to join this round of fundraising privately – which effectively gives you a second bite at this opportunity.

Please let us know as soon as you can, if you wish to invest privately. We will update the website as we continue with Investment news.

Please contact if you require further details.

As a private individual you are subject to our Investment warnings and disclaimers. We assume that you are a High Net worth Individual and will take appropriate advice. The public should not invest through this link.

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